October 4, 2022

Firemen called in after toddler gets stuck in washing machine

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KOTA KINABALU: A toddler who climbed into a washing machine got stuck inside the dryer section and her parents had to call the firemen in.

The three-year-old, identified as Afiah Faihah Zulkifli, used a stool to climb into the machine when her father was not looking.

Her father realised what had happened when he heard the girl cry out in the 3.30pm incident in Taman Pandan Beluran.

The parents had to call in Beluran firemen as they could not get her out.

Led by operations chief Muhamad Radif Barhim, the rescuers took about 20 minutes to release Afiah.

According to Muhamad, they poured soapy water over the child’s body to make it easier to slip her out of the tight spot she gotten herself into.

The girl did not sustain any injury from the incident.

Operations ended at about 4.16pm.

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