October 4, 2022

Gao Yunxiang rape trial: Lawyer says woman left hotel only after husband tried to contact her

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SYDNEY (ANN): A woman in a rape trial has denied that she left the hotel room only when she received multiple text messages from her husband about her whereabouts.

Wang Jing, a producer, and Chinese actor Gao Yunxiang, both 37, are accused of raping and assaulting her in a Sydney hotel in March 2018.

“I didn’t have my phone or see those messages when they were sexually assaulting me,” she said.

Wang’s lawyer told the jury on Monday (Nov 4) in a Sydney court that the woman’s husband had sent three text messages.

The lawyer also said that the woman had a friendly relationship with the producer before the alleged assault and that they had communicated via WeChat.

On Nov 1, the woman, who cannot be named, testified that she had not rejected Wang’s advances because she did not want him to lose face.

Part of a team that were shooting a drama in Sydney, she had turned up for a celebration that started with dinner and then a karaoke-club outing that night.

She said yes to an invitation by Wang to go to his room, thinking that other guests would be there too.

But only Gao turned up later.

Asked why she did not leave the karaoke club if she felt uncomfortable, she said there were no taxis and that she did not want to be alone outside trying to hail a cab.

“Someone from the group suggested I go… to the hotel first,” she said. – The Straits Times/Asia News Network

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