August 10, 2022

Tg Piai – Wee says won’t interpret Zahid’s comments, will wait for BN decision

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MCA president Wee Ka Siong has declined to interpret Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s hint that the party might contest in the Tanjung Piai by-election on Nov 16.

Rather, Wee said that once BN had a made decision, all component parties would work together to make sure they win the seat.

In a Facebook Live session today from the MCA headquarters, Wee said that he would not interpret what Zahid said because his comments could be biased if he did not look at the context thoroughly.

“At this moment, I still think that the three component parties of BN are like brothers […] we really hope that once a decision has been made for someone to contest, we will make sure we win the seat,” he said.

He stressed that BN was “a big family” and their final objective was to win the by-election.

He also said that Zahid’s speech at the opening of the Johor Umno convention in Johor Bahru this morning confirmed that MCA wanted to contest Tanjung Piai.

“As what Zahid confirmed today (in his speech), which I also clearly stated (during last week’s meeting), we insisted to have this seat.

“We met for 75 minutes, I explicitly told him (our stand). Today, he also said MCA wanted to retain the tradition to contest this seat,” said Wee.

Wee had met Zahid in the capital on Sept 26 after which MCA said it would respect BN procedures when it came to the naming of the candidate for Tanjung Piai.

Wee today said it was the norm for anyone or any party to strive for the chance to contest before a candidate is decided but BN should have the political wisdom to make the best decision.

“MCA clearly showed that this is our traditional seat,” Wee added.

‘You don’t have to worry’

Asked why MCA couldn’t finalise whether it would contest Tanjung Piai or not, Wee said Zahid had not said that MCA would not contest.

“He never said MCA is not contesting. He is waiting for the BN (supreme council) meeting to decide,” Wee said.

To a question as to whether MCA was confident in getting the seat, We said, “MCA wants to take this seat, confident or not you don’t have to worry.”

Earlier today, Zahid hinted that the party might contest in the Tanjung Piai by-election on Nov 16.

Speaking at the Johor Umno convention, Ahmad Zahid said Malay voters wanted change in the area.

“Yes, the seat traditionally belonged to MCA. We know that 56.9 percent or 57 percent of Tanjung Piai voters are Malays.

“Umno and the Malays in Tanjung Piai want change. However, MCA also wants to maintain its tradition. There is nothing impossible, if MCA can magnanimous, MCA can be open-hearted, right?

“However, we strongly believe that the BN spirit must be maintained. Therefore, a decision on whether Umno or MCA will contest must be made in solidarity and certainly the BN supreme council meeting is the proper platform for BN to decide the candidate for the Tanjung Piai by-election,” he said.

Wee was also present at the function.

Asked what he meant by “open-hearted” during a press conference after the recent, Zahid said, “MCA is always open-hearted, just like MIC during the Cameron Highlands by-election.” 

The Cameron Highland by-election on Jan 26  was won Ramli Mohd Nor who stood as a “direct candidate” for BN as he wasn’t a member of any BN component.

Cameron Highlands had traditionally been a MIC seat.