September 28, 2022

Some 10,000 poor in Miri missing out on PeKa B40 health scheme, says MP

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MIRI: An estimated 10,000 poor people – in Miri district alone – are missing out on the Peduli Kesihatan B40 (PeKa B40) health scheme introduced by the Federal Government.

Miri MP Dr Teo Yu Keng said the figure is a conservative estimate based on ground surveys and feedbacks obtained by his personnel from the public here in his parliamentary constituency.

Speaking to residents on Monday (Nov 11) in Tudan housing area, he said all those aged above 50 in B40 group – monthly household income of RM3,000 and below – qualifies for the PeKa B40 health scheme that gives them free health screening including blood tests.

“PeKa B40 is a very important health incentive scheme provided by the federal government for the lower income folks.

“Those eligible can get free blood tests, cholesterol checks, urine tests, blood pressure checks and other health screening.

“They even qualify for cataract surgery.

“The government has appointed many private clinics to help out in this scheme, including in Miri.

“However, we estimate that at least 10,000 folks here are missing out as they are not aware of this free health incentive,” said Dr Teo.

He visited Tudan to check on the situation in his constituency and said his office will launch an awareness programme to tell the people about PeKa B40.

Miri has a population of 350,000 and a sizeable portion of them are urban poor.

Dr Teo, himself a medical doctor, is PKR chairman for Miri.

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