September 29, 2022

A baby tapir is born! Any name suggestions?

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PETALING JAYA: A healthy baby tapir was born early Friday (Nov 15) at the Sungai Dusun Wildlife Conservation Centre, and the Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) has asked citizens for name suggestions.

This was announced on Perhilitan’s Instagram page, accompanied with a picture of the healthy baby tapir.

The tapir – weighing about 8kg – was born from parents ‘Bera’ and ‘Gadek’.

“The baby is cheerful and healthy! Congratulations to Bera (mother) and Gadek (father)!

“Help us name this baby! Give us some suggestions, ” Perhilitan said in its Instagram post.

It was announced in June that Malaysia’s first tapir conservation centre will be built at the Kenaboi Forest Reserve/State Park, Jelebu in Negri Sembilan.

The project was approved by the Federal Government late last year and its site confirmed by the state government.