June 30, 2022

Women's Ministry launches family counselling services directory

2 min read

KUALA LUMPUR: “Don’t wait until it’s too late before seeking help.” This was the advice of Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister Hannah Yeoh (pic) to parents seeking help with raising their children.

Yeoh said this when launching the ministry’s online Family Services Directory in Parliament on Tuesday (Nov 26) to help parents and young couples seek advice and counselling.

“We wanted to create a single platform for those seeking help for various family and parenting issues.

“So far, the directory provides links to over 200 non-governmental organisations that deals with such issues,” she said in a press conference on Tuesday (Nov 26).

Among them, she said, included help on marital and domestic problems and guidance on raising a family.

Yeoh noted that there was a lack of awareness among parents and families on where to seek help and counselling when facing problems.

“We want normalise counselling as many don’t know how and where to get help when they need it,” she added.

She said those seeking further help such as counselling could do so at the ministry’s state family service centres free of charge.

She added that some of the non-governmental organisations that provide counselling may impose some form of an administrative fee.

Yeoh said there are plans to further develop the directory to allow for online counselling to be provided in the near future.

She said those seeking help can access the Family Services Directory at http://keluarga.lppkn.gov.my or http://keluarga.lppkn.gov.my/directory.