August 10, 2022

Headlines for June 3, 2022

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In Primetime Address, Biden Asks Congress to Pass Gun Control LawsThree Killed and Two Wounded in Mass Shootings in Iowa and WisconsinHouse Committee Advances Package of Gun ControlsOhio GOP Approves Bill to Arm Educators After One Day of Gun TrainingZelensky Says Russia Controls One-Fifth of Ukrainian TerritoryBiden to Visit Saudi Arabia, Will Ask Mohammed bin Salman to Pump More OilYemen's Houthis Extend Ceasefire with Saudi-Led CoalitionIsrael Kills Four Palestinians in 48 Hours, Including 17-Year-Old Odeh SadakaFunerals Held for Haitians Who Died in Mexico While Waiting for U.S. to Hear Asylum ClaimsHouse Select Committee to Hold Primetime Public Hearing on Jan. 6 InsurrectionJournalist Ricardo Ávila, Who Covered Social Movements, Murdered in Honduras"Massive Human Rights Violations": Amnesty Says 18 Killed in Crackdown on El Salvador GangsActivist Sultana Khaya Arrives in Spain After 500+ Days of House Arrest in Western Sahara