August 10, 2022

Headlines for June 24, 2022

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Senate Approves Bipartisan Gun Safety Bill by 65-33 VoteSupreme Court Strikes Down New York Gun Control Law in Major Expansion of Second AmendmentTrump Pushed DOJ to Seize Voting Machines & Declare Election Results "Corrupt"Six Republican Congressmembers Who Backed Trump's Election Lies Sought PardonsUkraine Orders Troops to Withdraw from SeverodonetskRussia Meets with Other BRICS Nations at Virtual MeetingAfghan Earthquake Death Toll Rises to 1,150; U.S. Urged to Unfreeze Afghan AssetsUnited Nations Blames Israel for Fatally Shooting Journalist Shireen Abu AklehIndigenous Protesters Attempt to Storm National Assembly in EcuadorDeposed Burmese Leader Aung San Suu Kyi Moved to Solitary ConfinementSupreme Court Protects Police from Lawsuits over Violating Miranda RightsCalifornia Lawmakers Move to Make State a "Legal Sanctuary for Reproductive Choice"Biden Proposes Expanding Title IX to Protect Trans StudentsReport: New England Patriots Plane Used for ICE Deportation Flights