July 3, 2022

Lady Liberty to be black woman on new US $100 coin

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The US Mint and Treasury will for the first time issue a commemorative coin depicting Lady Liberty as a black woman.

The coin commemorates the Mint’s 225th anniversary and shows Liberty with a crown of stars and a toga-like dress.

The 24-carat coin will weigh 28g (1oz) and have a face value of $100 (£80).

The US Mint says it plans to issue further coins depicting Liberty as women from ethnic minorities, such as Asian, Hispanic or Indian Americans.

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Rhett Jeppson, the Mint’s principal deputy director, told the New York Times newspaper that part of the intention was to “have a conversation about liberty – and we certainly have started that conversation”.

A total of 100,000 of the Gold coins will be created, along with 100,000 silver reproductions of the image, called medals, that will sell for about $50, the newspaper reported.

The coins will go on sale on 6 April.

Coins bearing new designs will be issued every two years, the Mint said in a statement.