August 10, 2022

Headlines for November 10, 2021

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U.N. Releases Draft Accord in COP26's Final Stretch as Data Show Global Temp. Set to Climb 2.4C"We Will Not Stand Idly By": Tuvalu Minister Delivers Speech Knee-Deep in Rising Sea WaterAOC Says U.S. Must Follow Up Climate Vows with Action, Focus on the Most VulnerableGOP Rep. Paul Gosar Posts Animated Video Showing Him Killing AOC, Attacking BidenPfizer Seeks OK on Booster for All Adults; Moderna Tries to Exclude Gov't Scientists from Vaccine PatentSurvivor of Rittenhouse Shooting Says He Thought He Was Going to Die During AttackPolice Officers Says Gregory McMichael Did Not See Ahmaud Arbery Commit Crime Before Killing Him16 U.N. Staffers Detained in Addis Ababa Amid Intensifying Conflict and Humanitarian Crisis25 Children Killed in Niger School Fire as Nation Grapples with Deadly Conflict on Southern BorderU.S. Journalist Faces Terrorism and Sedition Charges in BurmaPregnant Journalist Killed in Yemen Car Blast13 Trump Officials Illegally Campaigned in Office; Jan. 6 House Cmte. Issues 10 New SubpoenasOklahoma Supreme Court Overturns Ruling Ordering J&J to Pay $465M for Role in Opioid Crisis