October 7, 2022

Demography aside, MCA is well-placed for Tanjung Piai, says Mah

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JOHOR BAHRU: Demography is not the sole factor taken into consideration to select the Barisan Nasional candidate to contest in the Tanjung Piai by-election next month.

On the other hand, the choice of candidate will take into consideration the spirit of cooperation among component parties of Barisan Nasional, said MCA deputy president Dr Mah Hang Soon.

“If all considerations were based on the majority (demography or total residents), then where would we be putting MCA seats?

“So, the selection is not merely based on the total number or percentage of residents (voters) or the demography.

“The most important thing, I think, is the unity of the people. We have to move forward as a team,” he said in an interview with Bernama on the party’s preparations for the Nov 16 Tanjung Piai parliamentary by-election here today.

Asked whether his statement meant MCA is not concerned about who will be chosen as the BN candidate, Mah said: “Let us not be too preoccupied with such talk, so much so we become obsessed with it.

“What I meant is for all parties. To me, let us leave it and give space to the top leadership. I am sure the top leadership of BN will discuss the matter and make the best decision,” he said.

Similarly, MCA did not deny that the party is very well-placed to put up a candidate to represent BN. “If we look carefully, MCA is indeed the suitable party to field the candidate. But this is not a demand but a calculated move after taking everything into consideration.”

Tanjung Piai has been contested by MCA candidates in the past. The late Dr Md Farid Md Rafik, of PPBM, won with a majority of 524 votes against Wee Jeck Seng (BN-MCA) and Nordin Othman (PAS) in the last general election.

The Tanjung Piai constituency has about 57% Malay voters, 42% Chinese voters and 1% Indian voters.

Farid, 42, who was a deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, died on Sept 21 of heart complications.