June 26, 2022

Sybase PowerDesigner 15.3 !EXCLUSIVE! Crack

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Sybase PowerDesigner 15.3 !EXCLUSIVE! Crack


Sybase PowerDesigner 15.3 Crack

The first public release of PowerDesigner was in……… 3……

How To Crack?
1) Please download PowerDesigner v15.3 from official site.
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About Sybase
Sybase is a leading provider of enterprise software solutions for the mid-market. Over 60,000 Sybase.# $Id$

NAME = mike

LICENSE = Artistic


SYSTEMROOT = /mnt/sys/arch/i386

INC_TARGETS = printf.h


../../libc/include \
../../include \
../../machines \

SYSPATH = /usr/local/etc
SEP = /

CFLAGS = -O1 -Wall -W -Wstrict-prototypes \


libc $(CORE_SUBDIR) \
sockets $(CPU_SUBDIR) \
ether $(CPU_SUBDIR) \
net $(CPU_SUBDIR) \
charset $(CPU_SUBDIR) \
base $(CPU_SUBDIR)

mkstemps \
mkstemps64 \
mkdtemp \
chkstr \
envlist \
mkdir \
mkfifo \
chown \
chown-setgid \
chown-setuid \
lchown \
statfs \
umask \

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