June 26, 2022

Traducao Narracao Silvio Luiz PES 2014 Setup //TOP\\ Free

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Traducao Narracao Silvio Luiz PES 2014 Setup Free

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I’m Red!

I’m Red is a low-cost database system designed specifically for use as a source for data. A typical use of the system is to obtain a snapshot of some sort of data using a single query. It has no internal record formats and does not load records into memory in order to obtain them. Instead, records are obtained using an embedded BLP (block locator pointer) index. Therefore, it can give many blocks in response to a single query with a single scan of the index.

File Format

The file format for I’m Red is a variant on the ‘header, record, and tail’ format that is standard on most modern database systems. A header stores information about the file, record is used to store the data, and the tail is a simple list of records which are implicitly linked (locally) to their predecessors (and their successors, of course).

The I’m Red file format consists of a header, a record, and a tail. The header contains a pointer to the record of the next entry (a block locator pointer), a pointer to the previous entry (a link pointer), the number of records in the file, the block size in bytes, the file size in bytes, and a timestamp. The record consists of the raw data and contains a pointer to the next record (a link pointer). The tail contains a list of records (block locator pointers) starting with the first record of the file.

The I’m Red file format is simple and efficient. In order to do a query for the first or last entry in the file, the two entries are accessed directly. Thus, it can be described as a ‘linear database’.


The I’m Red interface is implemented in C++. The interface uses the capabilities of C++ to allow for the use of classes and templates. The interface is split into two parts. A CQL parser is used to parse the query and

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