June 15, 2021

Malaysia grounds a dozen 50-year-old Nuri helicopters

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KUALA LUMPUR: Twelve Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) Nuri helicopters have been grounded and their services will be discontinued until further notice.

The 50-year-old helicopters were at the tail end of their services and too costly to maintain, RMAF chief Ackbal Abdul Samad said on Tuesday (Jan 7).

“Even if RMAF has the money to buy Nuri maintenance equipment, it can take between nine to 18 months to obtain the spare parts.  

“Besides, RMAF has plans to procure new aircraft to replace Nuri, but it is still in the evaluation stage,” he added.

The Nuri helicopters have suffered several crashes and emergency landings since 1991, including in the state of Kedah in 2010 as well as Sabah and Penang in 2016.

The latest incident took place at Gubir Camp in Alor Setar when it made an emergency landing in August last year.