July 3, 2022

dlab announces six new teams for second round of blockchain accelerator

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dlab, a startup accelerator and venture studio exploring new topics in decentralization and blockchain technology, has announced the six new teams for the second round of its blockchain accelerator program.

The six companies listed below that dlab has chosen to invest in as part of dlab 02 are a diverse group, whose founders are spread across eight different countries.

dlab 02 cohort includes:

  • Credmark – building the world’s first crypto credit bureau. As cryptocurrency-based lending grows and evolves, the data needed to make the right decisions is critical. With only a blockchain wallet address, Credmark generates a reliable credit score based on a borrower’s financial history and wealth, making crypto loans smarter, safer, and more customer-friendly.
  • Quidli – a SaaS platform for companies to distribute and manage equity and incentives with a dynamic workforce that includes not just employees but also freelancers, business partners, community members, and customers. Quidli makes it easy for you to assign equity to these stakeholders programmatically based on objectives and metrics that are important to your work culture.
  • Diwala – working with educators and employers to combat invalid credentialing, using blockchain-based digital skill certifications. Credentials issued on the Diwala platform are secure, portable, and can be easily verified, enabling global opportunities for youth and displaced communities.
  • Honeycomb – an API marketplace purpose-built for connecting smart contracts to high-quality external data inputs from some of the world’s premier data providers. Smart contracts can query APIs on Honeycomb via decentralized oracles, allowing the contract to execute in a highly reliable secure manner on networks such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Hyperledger.
  • Goblin – building the infrastructure for metering, monetizing, and distributing content on the Web. You can use Goblin today as an alternative to paywalls and advertising to monetize web content with a slice of your readership’s compute capacity.
  • Crayonic – enables next-generation security for user authentication, digital asset storage, and electronic signatures. KeyVault, Crayonic’s keychain-sized hardware device, uses a combination of behavioral biometrics, machine learning, and cryptography to achieve unrivaled usability and security, also incorporating their unique proof-of-free-will feature.

“Although each of the startups in this new cohort are very different, they all have a number of obvious commonalities: they’re using blockchain technology to solve a real-world problem, they’re focused on growing the decentralization ecosystem, and they have truly exceptional founders. And we’re excited to be working with each of them.”
– The dlab Team

These six new investments now join the four companies from the first cohort. dlab is already in the process of reviewing new applicants for their third program, which will launch in 2020.