September 21, 2021

Headlines for August 17, 2021

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Biden Defends U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan After Taliban Capture Kabul Advocates Demand U.S. and Other Nations Open Doors to Afghan RefugeesTropical Storm Adds to Haiti's Misery Two Days After Massive Earthquake Kills Over 1,400Immigrant Advocates Denounce Biden Administration for Deporting Haitian RefugeesU.S. Will Recommend COVID Booster Shots After 8 Months, Despite Global Vaccine InequityJohnson & Johnson Ships Millions of Vaccine Doses from South Africa to EuropeU.S. Coronavirus Hospitalizations Soar, with Record Infection Levels in Five StatesRepublican Governors Erect New Barriers to COVID-19 Public Health MeasuresMalaysian Prime Minister Resigns as COVID-19 Surges; Iran Orders 6-Day LockdownTrump-Appointed Judge Orders Restoration of "Remain in Mexico" Policy Rejected by BidenU.S. Declares Shortage on Colorado River, with Mandatory Water Cuts to Southwestern StatesWater Protectors Take Direct Action to Halt Construction of Enbridge Line 3 Pipeline