June 16, 2021

China takes more measures to protect healthcare workers in Wuhan virus outbreak

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BEIJING: China is taking more strict measures in hospitals to protect healthcare workers in the new coronavirus outbreak, and will increase training for healthcare workers nationwide, officials from the country’s health commission said on Wednesday (Jan 22).

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Infection of medical staff in the outbreak shows there are loopholes in treatment methods, Jiao Yahui told a press briefing in Beijing.

Fifteen healthcare workers in Wuhan have been diagnosed with pneumonia, with an additional worker suspected of having the disease, it was reported on Tuesday. One of them is in critical condition.

Gao Fu, head of China’s Disease Control Centre, also told the briefing that authorities are still learning about the new virus, when asked to compare its deadliness to the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) outbreak of 2003.

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The number of deaths from the virus has climbed to nine as of the end of Tuesday, an official from China’s national health commission deputy head Li Bin said in an update on Wednesday.

There are a total of 440 confirmed cases in 13 provinces across the country, Li said, while more than 2,000 cases of close contact have also been detected.

The authorities have confirmed the virus is contagious between humans, and the World Health Organization announced that a key emergency committee will meet this week to discuss the infections.