August 15, 2022

Artificial regulation of the cryptocurrency market

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Our editorial team received a letter from a crypto investor, with an expert evaluation of Foin by the Japanese giant-company. It was interesting to us as the data provided was related to — previously our publication wrote about the activity of this company. According to journalistic duties and standards, we find it necessary to publish this examination and display this precedent, as it may have dangerous and even disastrous outcomes. At the end of the article, you will find an attached document of an expert evaluation provided by NOMURA that we are disclosing for our readers.


Here is a brief description of the evaluation. CoinMarketCap is a well-known cryptocurrency data authority. Apparently, by means of an informational impact it is possible to label cryptocurrency with a ‘red flag’ on CoinMarketCap. This case is a precedent for us as we haven’t encountered anything like this before. Possibly this may have happened in European or American practice, but for us, this case is unusual and quite disturbing.


Our publication covered news related to only, and we have not even thought of relating it to the Foin cryptocurrency. According to our information, we do not know if these institutions are affiliated, we do not have evidence to prove that.
But once a specific information field is created, it is possible to create ‘red flag’ on CoinMarketCap, which will unquestionably change the ranking of the cryptocurrency and more importantly it will affect the performance of investors. And if this what has happened to Foin, then it is likely possible to label a large number of cryptocurrencies by means of the organized informational impact.


Yet an expert evaluation by NOMURA does not leave room for doubt for the trustworthiness of the organization. Hence, we are inclined to believe that CoinMarketCap may have been misled; and despite the methodology proposed on their site, perhaps certain individuals managed to circumvent these restrictions and CoinMarketCap rules. And now we are witnessing the formation of such a ‘red flag’ which appeared as a consequence of artificial information environment set up. We urge CoinMarketCap to take a look at the information provided by third parties about the relation of the and Foin. Please see the text of expert evaluation by the Japanese company NOMURA.

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