August 10, 2022

Headlines for June 24, 2021

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White House to Crack Down on Illegal Gun Dealers and Increase Police FundingRevs. Jesse Jackson and William Barber Arrested at Nonviolent Protest Against Senate FilibusterCDC Links COVID-19 Vaccines to Rare Cases of Myocarditis But Says Benefits Far Outweigh RisksSupreme Court Rules Cheerleader's Profane Social Media Post Was Protected SpeechSCOTUS Cuts Off Union Organizers' Access to Farm Workers in Major Defeat for Organized LaborICE Force-Fed Immigrant Prisoners Who Went on Hunger Strike Against Poor ConditionsU.N. General Assembly Votes Overwhelmingly to Condemn U.S. Embargo on Cuba for 29th TimeBritain Disputes Russia's Claim of Naval Confrontation in Waters Near Russian-Annexed CrimeaBrazil Environment Minister Steps Down; Police Attack Indigenous Activists in BrasíliaFirst Capitol Rioter Sentenced as Nancy Pelosi Set to Announce Cmte to Probe Jan. 6 InsurrectionTop Pentagon Chief Fends Off GOP Attacks over Military Teaching About Historical RacismConnecticut Legalizes Recreational MarijuanaNY Judge Dismisses New York City Law Banning ChokeholdsParents of Shooting Victim Trick Ex-NRA Head into Giving Fake Graduation Speech for Gun Control PSA