September 28, 2022

Use influence to benefit people – Anwar

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When politicking, use available influence to find something which can contribute to the people and not make a profit for oneself, what more, being involved in corruption, says Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) president Anwar Ibrahim.

Anwar, who is also Port Dickson Member of Parliament, said it was not impossible to do so if one was imbued with the Addabani Rabbi spirit in every endeavour.

‘’Prophet Mohammad in his teachings revealed Addabani Rabbi Faahsana Ta’dibi which means ‘God educates us with the best education’ and if we ingest the spirit of Addabani Rabbi then we will not be inclined towards narrow politics, instigations, racisms including corruption, so we will be able to use the influence to defend the welfare of the people’.

‘’As such, I will often ensure that for every investor, I will find ways to get allocations from them which can be rerouted to the people..for example, computers for all schools in Port Dickson[…] rather than take commissions and bribes which have destroyed the country, it is better to use our influence to help the people,’’ he said.

He said this in his speech during his official visit to Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Intan Perdana in Port Dickson, today.

During the event, Anwar also handed over an additional allocation of RM720,000 from Deputy Prime Minister Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail to build the roof of the school’s pavilion.

In another development, Anwar said a major company would be developing a six to seven-star hotel in Port Dickson and the project would bring benefits to the people not only in terms of job opportunities but also the facilities that would be made available.

‘’Prior to this, during a retreat with Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar Aminuddin Harun, it was announced that a large firm wants to set up a six to seven-star hotel in Port Dickson. It is not wrong to develop tourism in Port Dickson but the people must benefit from it. Don’t tell me the people can only look at such an expensive hotel?

‘’The hotel developer also planned to set up a theme park beside the hotel accessible to the public at a cheaper payment.

‘’I have also asked the hotel to give training to youths in Port Dickson because the hotel needs 400 workers quickly and 600 workers upon its completion with accommodations provided[…] this was what was agreed by the hotel (operators),’’ he said.

In addition, Anwar said he had also requested that the biggest IT and electronics company in Japan contribute their expertise to a secondary school in Port Dickson and to adopt the school.

‘’I did not ask for any commission from it (company), did not ask for a computer for myself but I asked that they adopt a secondary school in Port Dickson. The selection of the school is still at the evaluation stage,’’ he added.

– Bernama