June 30, 2022

APACHE AIR ASSAULT Activation Code Pc Game.rar

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APACHE AIR ASSAULT Activation Code Pc Game.rar


APACHE AIR ASSAULT Activation Code Pc Game.rar

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In a memory safe language what would be the mistake in the following approach to pass struct pointer by reference instead of using a pointer?

I am trying to understand how to use the reference correctly in a memory safe language like C# or Java (I am especially interested in these two languages because they compile to IL which is very different from native code but I think this question is language-independent.
Assuming I have a class, say ClassA and a struct called ClassB, and a method in ClassA that takes a ClassB object as an argument:
public static ClassA F(ClassB b)
//do something
return a;

How would you write the code so that it is safe in a memory safe language like C# or Java to call the above method like this, and what would the mistake in the above approach?
ClassB b = new ClassB();
ClassA a = F(b);

Which will not compile in C# or Java but F(b) would work? Would the problem be simply that the compiler would have no way to verify that b was an instance of ClassB?


You are creating a “point of use” leak. Because b is only a local variable, and the memory for it is immediately released, once the function has returned a reference to it would never be accessible again.
Simply write it like this:
ClassB b = new ClassB();
ClassA a = F(b);

You can then either perform a
b = null;

somewhere in a destructor, or dispose of it (or make it final) if you so wish.
If you do not do that then you can just ignore it – the compiler will ensure that the local variable is not needed after the method has returned.

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